Paddington Bear PJ’s

Little dude has just turned 18 months old and I’m slowly phasing out his 12-18 month wardrobe (a pair of dungarees became too short months ago, and a few pairs of trousers make him look like a Tomliboo as the legs are so long- what’s that about?!). So I ordered him some cute Paddington Bear PJ’s from M&S. 

He’s only very recently got in to tv and certain characters and LOVES Thomas and Friends, so when the PJ’s came I decided to put the Paddington Movie on (thank you Amazon Prime!) and he is obsessed. Everything is now ‘bear’.

The cotton pyjamas are so super soft and he looks adorable in them. He’s average size, perhaps a bit tall but mid weight, and the top is snug considering they should fit for another 6 months, especially on the arms. I always find M&S come up a little smaller than other brands. I love them but wish I’d gone up a size. Still, I’m sure he’ll wear them to death before he grows out of them!


You can grab them here.


2 thoughts on “Paddington Bear PJ’s

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